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Mariah Christmas To All

Nearly two months ago, we received Mariah Carey’s new Christmas album in the mail. It’s the official sequel to her best-selling album from 1994 and we couldn’t care less. We’ve never been fans of her “Hey, I Can Sing High Notes That Makes Dogs Commit Suicide” style, plus the whole Merry Christmas II You title was too ghetto, even for us. Then, by complete accident, we clicked on a link the publicist had sent us for the first track off the album, Oh Santa.

Stop the presses, roast Celine Dion on an open fire (blasphemy!), we have a new Yuletide Diva. Not only is Oh Santa fabulous on a Single Ladies hummability index, the whole album is surprisingly enjoyable. We know, it’s still too early to really be in the holiday spirit, but when a new Christmas song comes along that makes us stop in our tracks and look for the nearest manger, we know there’s reason to celebrate. Immaculate conception or not.

So reluctance turned to acceptance, which turned to Repeat Play on our CD player. And our world may never be the same. It’s like the first time we decided we no longer hated Nicole Kidman. Or the one time Sean Young didn’t make us wish we’d never been born. We are converts. We are believers. And we will pack up our gold, frankincense and myrrhhhhhhh and praise the newborn (again) diva, Mariah.

God bless us, every high C.

Catch “Oh Santa” here
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All Right, All Right: Get this DVD already

The Kids Are All Right hits DVD today! Check out what we wrote when it opened in theaters this summer, then watch an exclusive clip of this fabulous flick. We love it even more now in the comfort of our own home. Lesbian dramas are good like that.

Available for purchase at www.amazon.com