Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Taco The Town

Truth be told, when Urban Taco first opened at Mockingbird Station a few years ago, we were not impressed. But being the forgiving souls that we are, when they opened up Urban Taco on McKinney Avenue in Uptown, we decided to give them another try. And, boy, are we glad we did.

Everything we disliked about our experience the first time has been made better, and then some. The small portions have been value-sized. The expensive cocktails are now more inventive and much better bargains. And the service, which years ago was order-at-the-counter horrible is now attentive, friendly and top-notch.

Welcome to the new 2010 model Urban Taco, ribbed for everyone’s pleasure. The smart, updated menu plays on the strengths of Mexico City street food and Dallas’ incessant need for the latest, greatest and newest. Happy to report, everything from the Margaritas to the Micheladas to the Guacamole made us smile from ear to ear.

The menu is designed so that many items are available for sharing by the table, which we completely love. Tacos are crazy-good thanks to succulent ingredients and house-made corn tortillas, and the Habañero Maple Glazed Flat Iron Steak is a work of sheer brilliance. Sweet, smoky, spicy, beefy. What could possibly be better?

Though not house-made, the desserts are also worth a whirl. The Churros alone are reason enough to pop in to Urban Taco and we hate to admit we polished off an entire order. Pineapple Flan, however, was a bit bizarre for our liking, so we say stick with the Churros and even double-up if you have to. Just like Charo, there’s no such thing as too much Churro. They’re fantastic with a Tequila on Tap, believe it or not, and ice cream doesn’t hurt the cause, either.

The fall weather in Dallas is prime patio seasons and Urban Taco’s uptown location is already a see-and-be-seen kinda place. A few too many white gangstas on our last visit could’ve spoiled our fun, but instead, we enjoyed mocking their douchiness and toasted it with Mojito after Mojito. But that’s part of the joy of Uptown. Sometimes you feel less-than-adequate, sometimes you’re King of the Hill.

Ultimately, Urban Taco has won us over and we encourage you to check it out on a cool autumn night very soon. Enjoy a cocktail or two, and make a toast to the fact that sometimes it’s not the first impression that counts, but the second. We’ll definitely be back. And this time, no arm twisting required.

Urban Taco Uptown
3411 McKinney Avenue, Dallas
(214) 922-7080