Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Go West

Our parents will be so proud. They’re huge fans of that Hillbilly Hollywood known as Branson, Missouri, and they just can’t understand why we don’t want to join them on their twice yearly pilgrimages to see Loretta Lynn singin’ Coal Miner’s Corpse or some new monstrosity called Noah the Musical, because God knows ark-building just cries out for a chorus line and jazz hands.

Well, now we can make them happy by telling them that we’re finally taking a Branson vacation. We’ll discuss the great shows, fantastic food and plentiful cocktails. They’ll never have to know that we enjoyed all of this aboard a flight on billionaire owner Richard Branson’s Virgin America Airlines.

We’ve flown Virgin Atlantic from New York to Paris and it’s a wonderful experience, so we can hardly wait to finally be able to fly Virgin America out of DFW International Airport. On December 1, the airline arrives in Texas for non-stop flights to Los Angeles. On December 6, San Francisco is added to the schedule.

If it catches on, very soon we can jump on a Virgin and go all the way – to other great U.S. cities and maybe even international destinations if we play our cards right.

Highlights of Virgin’s jets include massaging leather seats in first class, plus TV, movies and Wi-Fi in all cabins. Best of all, the flight attendants are actually friendly in all cabins!

So from everyone at Gay List Daily, welcome to Dallas, fair Virgins! We’re looking forward to getting inside you very, very soon.


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