Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Go Back In The Closet

If you ever want to draw attention away from the pierced-orexic barista flirting with the hot customers at Starbucks, open up a box of Santa Maria Novella Scented Tablets for the Closet. That’s exactly what happened to us. We received a gift set while sipping on a Caramel Brulée Latte (yum!) and people started walking out of the line to see what smelled so great. That, or it was just an excuse for them to flirt with us and the stunning women in our entourage.

The fragrance we unleashed was herbaceous, woody and floral. It was masculine, yet feminine. Powerful, but indescribably nuanced. In fact, the tablets smelled so great that we wanted to sneak a bite just to see if they were as savory-tasting as they looked. But we refrained. After all, our admirers were watching.

Prior to this event, we’d never heard of Santa Maria Novella, but it sounds like a juicy Mexican soap opera, right? Or maybe a consortium of vegan nuns in the hills of Italy who take in orphans and raise goats between musical numbers, bee keeping and candle making.

But it doesn’t really matter how Santa Maria Novella products are made, just that they are made.

We immediately went home and put the 100% organic tablets in one of the closet windows that gets direct sunlight during the day, knowing that the placement would create the perfect scenario for fragrance dispersion. And we were right. When we came home the next afternoon, it was like Mother Nature herself had exploded in our closet and filled it with her abundant DNA (Delightfully Natural Aroma).

A few minutes later, we wondered why we ever came out of the closet. Because obviously, with Santa Maria Novella in there, it was a great place to be.

Tablets for Closets
$30.00 per pair in gift box
Available in Orange/Cinnamon, Lavender/Rose, and our favorite, Potpourri

Lafco New York