Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Closer To Heaven?

We receive a lot of strange stuff here at Gay List Daily headquarters. Things that make absolutely no sense for our demographic. Like home-pregnancy tests. Books on hunting. Or pitches to report on the war in Afghanistan. Do these publicists really think we’re a bunch of knocked-up, hard-news journalists with a gun rack in the back of our Volvos?

But the oddest thing by a landside that we’ve gotten recently is the certificate pictured above. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It’s a thousand “shares” of God. We’ll pause for a moment while the concept sinks in.

Really, it’s genius if you think about it. If somebody can sell stars for Bar Mitzvah and Mother’s Day gifts, why not sell chunks of the star-maker himself? (Or herself, we don’t want to offend our loyal womyn readers.)

We’re not entirely sure if we’re supposed to take this whole thing seriously, but you know what? That’s part of the brilliance. We’d give these as gifts to the ultra-religious people on our list (which we admit is a very small group – hi Mom!), but also to The People Who Have Everything (sure beats a fruitcake). Personally, we think the idea is hilarious and if it really is meant to be taken seriously, then delightfully kitschy, too.

We’ve already got it perched above our desk with several other treasures. It’s in a prime spot right next to our PetPetter box, our Magic 8-Ball Jesus, and our Barack Obama Handpuppet. Yes, GodShares has made the list of our favorite things. It’s like we’re Oprah! Only poorer. And more feminine.

Just like religion itself, we think GodShares will mean different things to different people. The faithful will enjoy it as a unique reminder of their beliefs and we heathens will get a good giggle over it every day. We’re sure the company’s gotten its share of controversy, but we don’t see GodShares being any different than paying for one of those metal Jesus fish for our car bumper or a Virgin Mary Paint By Number Kit.

GodShares donates a portion of profits to charity, which is always a plus in our book. And right now, everything’s 20% off. Hey, they’re putting the SAVE in Savior!

But even if giving “shares” of God isn’t your thing, the site has other cool merchandise like jewelry (including Buddha and Star of David items, too!) t-shirts and those ubiquitous little shopping totes. They make it very clear that GodShares are not stock certificates and will not increase in value because they’re intended for entertainment purposes only. So when you make your purchase just be aware that showing up at the Pearly Gates clutching your framed Million Shares of God may not actually get you into the VIP lounge for Holy Water bottle service.

But it sure can’t hurt.

Certificates start at $49.95