Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Down Le Hatch

During our college years, our drink of choice was a Frozen Margarita with a Chambord floater on top. It looked fancier than everyone else’s cocktail and that black raspberry flavor just worked wonders with the lime and tequila. That was also in our Top Shelf phase when the more expensive a drink, the more we liked it. (We’ve sobered up since then.) We’re just grateful for our own self-esteem that the Dollar Store doesn’t have a liquor aisle.

The odd thing about Chambord is that we can’t stand fresh raspberries. Just goes to show, add booze to anything and we’ll probably love it. Except cilantro. Nothing can make that nasty weed taste better.

So when we got the press release that Chambord had created its own flavored vodka, all those great college memories came flooding back (complete with deep purple waves). We couldn’t wait to get our hands on a bottle – and soon enough, we did. The bottle itself is impeccably detailed and downright gorgeous. Like something Jeannie would like to use as a swank summer home.

They’ve blended French Vodka with the subtle flavors of hibiscus flower with notes of vanilla, white chocolate and, of course, Chambord. The traditional black raspberry flavor isn’t too sweet or too strong, either. We like it simply mixed with club soda and served on the rocks with a lime, but it’s also a tasty sipper on the rocks with a lemon twist. The French Ginger Ale recipe is also refreshingly different. It’s easy (two ingredients!) and a nice cocktail for the holidays.

So when you’re out at the liquor store this week (you know, when you’re trying to escape your mother-in-law), grab a bottle and bring a little bit of France into your home. Because it’s finally time to retire that sad chef print hanging in your kitchen. It really creeps everyone out. Seriously.

$24.99 for 750 ml