Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Yes! No! Maybe?

Ready or not, party season is upon us. And even though we’re on the guest list of at least seven events a night this time of year, we also hope to host several soirées of our own – even a few that don’t involve partner swapping, poppers or full-frontal nude Santas.

We know the art of sending invitations in the mail is dying and we’re constantly torn between two schools of thought. The Martha Stewart in us believes in tradition and a certain amount of etiquette. The Mark Zuckerberg in us, however, prefers the convenience of technology. Well now, with one web site we can feed the need of both our conflicting personalities.

At cocodot.com, they’ve elevated online invitations to a level of chic that we didn’t think was possible in DIY endeavors. By incorporating the ability to upload your own full-size photos and logos, as well as dozens of font choices, it’ll look like you paid a professional graphic designer to create your cards. You can even add your own music to really set the mood for your event. And unlike other e-invitations, there are no annoying advertisements!

The best part of cocodot is that you can create printed cards that match your online version. So people get a beautiful card in their mailbox and an electronic version in their inbox. You can still keep track of RSVPs quickly and easily, but rest easy knowing that you’ve played a small part in keeping a tradition alive.

Cocodot offers all sorts of cards and invitations, as well as baby announcements and even stunning wedding items. Just think, if they’d finally legalize gay marriage, we’d send out enough invitations, announcements, gift registry lists and thank-you cards to keep the post office from having to close on Saturdays, or the price of stamps from going up to the cost of a good cocktail.

Being a part of cocodot comes with a small cost, just $4.95 per month or $29 per year, and that’s a small price for a touch of class. And the chance to save the job of a mailman in your neighborhood.

Simply put, cocodot is the RSV-Pièce De Résistance.