Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Upside Down, Boy You Turn Me

There are just some things in life that are better upside-down. Like superhero kisses. Pineapple cake. And vodka bottles over our open mouth.

And this year, we’re saying, “Bottoms Up!” to more than just our tricks. We’re saying it to our Christmas Tree, too. We’ve been coveting these tannenbaums for several seasons now, but we weren’t willing to shell out $600 for the couture gown equivalent of a Christmas Tree. It can’t be seen for more than one season or people will point and whisper behind your back. So why spend a ton of green on a faux evergreen with a limited social life?

Well, this year, we found a lush seven-and-a-half-foot tall version at none other than Sam’s Club. It’s pre-lit with 800 clear lights and comes with a tree stand. Best of all, if you don’t have a Sam’s near you, they’ll ship it to you for free.

Then prepare for a year of all things upside-down. Like Santa sneaking into your house and screaming, “OH! OH! OH!”


Happy Thanksgiving
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