Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Party Like It’s 1521

Why should wine drinkers get all the cool accoutrements? Finally, beer drinkers can have their own sophisticated glassware that truly enhances the experience of savoring a fine brew.

Now we realize it may be hard to believe that something besides an aluminum bottle or a vortex pouring system can make a beer taste better. But it’s true. Just like there are several wine glass designs for specific varietals, there are certain shapes that make the flavor, aroma and appearance of beer better than you could ever hope to get in a red Solo cup.

Spiegelau, a German company that’s been specializing in crystal manufacturing since 1521, is out to change the way Americans drink beer with their Beer Classics gift sets. Each set comes with four different types of glasses (or specific styles are available in sets of two).

There’s a tall, hourglass shaped one for Wheat Beer, a fatter glass for Lagers, a stemmed tulip glass for Powerful Stouts and Belgian Style Ales, and finally a super-tall pilsner glass for, well, Pilsners.

The box even includes a beer-tasting wheel, which is supposed to help identify the best glass for specific beers and it was instrumental in how these glasses were designed. Those characteristics include Bitter, Sweet, Nutty, Fatty and Yeasty. Hmmm, reminds us of our high-school girlfriend.

The glasses are extremely delicate to the touch, but surprisingly they’re dishwasher safe (we still hand wash just to be extra careful). We always prefer beer out of a glass over a bottle or (gasp!) can, but these make the whole process feel so much more extravagant and high-class. But a note to our lesbian friends: this means you can’t put the glass inside a Koozie or it negates the whole element of sophistication.

So for all the beer connoisseurs on your gift list, or to enhance your own, these are some great glasses that you’ll use again and again. Heck, you might even skip the wine service at your next dinner party and break out the suds.

And you’ll be glad to know that even with words in the description of these glasses like “blown,” “head,” “rim” and “mouth feel,” we declined to make even a single use of innuendo. Maybe it’s the fancy glassware that’s suddenly forced us to take the high road. Or we’re too drunk to think of anything clever.

Enjoy a safe and hoppy holiday season! (We never promised anything about puns.)

$49.00 per set of four with free Super Saver Shipping
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