Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Santa May Never Leave

We feel sorry for Santa Claus. House after house and all those crappy snacks that kids set out before they go to bed. By the time he shows up, the milk is warm and curdled and if the dog hasn’t slobbered all over the Double Stuf Oreos, the most he can look forward to is a pre-packaged, hard-as-a-rock treat that could crack a tooth – or kill his soul. And who wants that hanging over them their whole life?

Well, this year, St. Nick better schedule in a little extra time at your house if you leave a batch of cookies from Nothing Like It, a Dallas-based online cookie company. With traditional flavors like Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin, it’s hard to imagine that these could be anything particularly special, but they are. Each flavor we sampled was delicious, moist and utterly crave-worthy.

But they don’t stop at just cookies. Nothing Like It also makes one of the best Banana Breads we’ve ever tasted. Plus, several of the cookies, cakes and breads come in gluten-free versions. (Because as everyone knows, Rudolph has a gluten intolerance. Says so right there in the little-heard fifth verse of the song.)

The packaging is gorgeous, which means giving cookies as a gift is perfectly acceptable and so much more chic than throwing a dozen or two in one of those metal holiday tins. These packages let the recipient know that they’re about to open up something very special. And extremely tasty.

So make Santa happy this year with a few cookies and a tall glass of Champagne. Because really, it’s the reindeer doing the driving anyway.

Order by December 10 for shipment by December 15