Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hooray For Bottoms!

While we would never complain about having too much underwear, it is possible to get overwhelmed with so many great designs to choose from. So we decided to pick one pair to highlight every month. We’ll try them all out first so only the ones that make it into our personal underwear drawer will make the final cut. Briefs, boxers, thongs, jocks, low-rise, high-rise, longjohns, lacy granny panties. If you can wear it under your jeans, we’ll let you know the best of the best.

This month, we found a pair that reminds us of the sexiest Santa ever. From the Timoteo Quake collection, these boxer briefs are red with black and white accents. Just looking at them on the model makes us ho-ho-horny! But wearing them is even better. They’re soft, breathable and form-fitting in all the right places. 96% cotton plus 4% Spandex = 100% flattering.

So this year, we’re requesting an additional pair for Christmas, with one stipulation. The underwear model better be included this time. Or we must just stop believing in Mr. Claus once and for all. But last year, we woke up to a naked stripper passed out under our tree, so somebody somewhere is getting our wish list.

Fingers crossed!