Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pariah Carrey

We love Jim Carrey when he tones down his antics. Sure, we love a good talking butt every now and again, but that shtick grew old quickly. Thankfully, the actor continues to find challenging roles that are more fulfilling to audiences, and we can only presume, to him as well.

And what could be more fun for Carrey than to play flamboyantly gay in I Love You Phillip Morris? Based on a bizarrely true story, the film follows Steven Russell (Carrey) as he transitions from being a devoted husband, father and church organist to a gay man who’s determined to live like there’s no tomorrow after a life-changing event.

In order to enjoy the extravagant lifestyle he thinks he deserves, he ends up running a series of cons to get what he needs. But when the law catches up with him, he lands in state prison where he meets Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). He falls head over heels in love and begins to work toward freeing Phillip from prison so that they can be together – on the outside.

The result is a quirky, subversive film that is such a nice change of pace from not just a majority of Carrey’s previous films, but from anything else in theaters right now. It’s great to see a completely different type of complex gay character portrayed, flaws and everything, rather than just for laughs or high drama. The story is so ludicrous, it’s hard to believe that it’s based in reality, but that’s what makes it that much more enjoyable.

After all, any movie that can work penis-shaped clouds into a scene is just fine by us.

Opens in limited release today

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