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Gay List Deal: Give The Gift Of Good Skin

Earlier this year, we told you about a fab line of skincare products called Permission. They're made exclusively for men, gay-owned and, to speak scientifically, they're awesome.

Now they're even more awesome, because they're offering their high-quality skincare products and gift sets to Gay Listers for 40% off! (Through Tuesday, Dec 14 only)

Click here to see our full review of their product line, but for you lazy bitches, here's the Cliff's Notes version:

Each product is made with the highest-quality ingredients, minus the obnoxious fragrances that plague many products. (Axe Body Spray, we're talkin' to you.)
The two products we can't live without are the Toner and Eye Deed, which includes their exclusive Bo-Max Plus anti-aging complex to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Permission products last a long time, because they're not jam-packed with unnecessary fillers and harsh ingredients.

Check out their website at www.permissionskincare.com and don't forget to follow them on Facebook!


Individual Products:

Cleanser – $21 (Regularly $35)
Toner – $19.20 (Regularly $32)
Moisturizer – $39 (Regularly $65)
Scrub – $41.40 (Regularly $69)
Shave – $21 (Regularly $35)
Eye Deed – $43.20 (Regularly $72)

Gift Sets:

Ask Permission: Cleanser, Toner, Shave – $58.20 (Regularly $97)
Give Permission: Scrub, Moisturizer, Eye Deed – $118.20 (Regularly $197)
Full Permission: All six products – $178.20 (Regularly $297)

This deal is available exclusively at www.gaylistdeals.com