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The Fragrance Whisperer

When we were in high school, we couldn’t wait for whatever the latest Calvin Klein cologne was. Were we going to be obsessed for an eternity? No, but at least until Graduation Day. What we didn’t know then is that many mass-market colognes are filled with so many synthetic ingredients, a Chicken McNugget would seem organic by comparison. And everyone smells exactly the same. Blech.

What we soon came to realize was that colognes made with essential oil ands natural ingredients were not only better quality and lasted longer, but unique to the individual. A good cologne, when spritzed on two different people, should take on interesting notes and characteristics from the body chemistry of each person involved. In other words, truly personal and utterly remarkable.

So when we were invited to drop by Lafco in Highland Park Village for a personal fragrance consultation, we were more excited than Elizabeth Taylor discovering an actual White Diamond. Floating in her Ensure.

The resident expert, or Frangrance Whisperer as we like to call her, is Margaret Lipman.
Her nose is so good, you’d think she were a Toucan. When you first enter Lafco, you’ll immediately notice the wonderful fragrances coming from candles, soaps and colognes, each never overpowering. Just subtly delightful.

Upon meeting Margaret, she’ll ask you questions about your cologne and fragrance likes and dislikes (like the utter suckiness of Patchouli). She’ll take into account your skin tone and associated body chemistry to start recommending scents that should work well for you. You’ll start smelling test strips and giving them an enthusiastic thumbs nose up or down.

Within a few minutes, she’ll spray each of your arms with two different fragrances and show you around the store while the scents “settle in” and start working with your own body to create a fragrance as individual as you. And the results are amazing. So much so that we can’t be positive, but we’re pretty sure there’s a magic spell or voodoo doll involved. (We did take our eyes off her for about five minutes.)

Ever since we were paired with our ideal fragrance, people have pulled us aside at parties, cornered us in the locker room, and practically tackled us in the mall to find out what we’re wearing. And you know what? We’ll never share our secret. Except for the fact that we got it at Lafco. It’s bad enough we have those three stalkers who got plastic surgery to look just like us, the last thing we need is someone to smell like us, too.

The fragrance matching service is free, we just recommend calling ahead to make sure Margaret has time to spend with you individually. She’s really that good. Just beware, wearing the perfect fragrance has its downsides. You might just fall in love with yourself. And we’re pretty sure that’s illegal in about 47 states.

Lafco New York
66 Highland Park Village, Dallas
(214) 522-8880

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