Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Partners In Thyme

Laverne & Shirley. Oprah & Gayle. Tracy & Lynae.

When it comes to great female partnerships, these are the ones that immediately come to mind. And forever will they be remembered for their place in history and contributions to society. One couple makes us laugh, the other makes us cry, and the last one satisfies our hunger. So in our world, that puts Tracy Rathbun and Lynae Fearing at the top of the list. Because we loves us some eatin’.

You may be familiar with this pairing because of their hit Dallas restaurant, Shinsei. Or the fact that they’re married to local celebrity chefs, Kent Rathbun and Dean Fearing. Or quite possibly their short-lived, but critically lauded 1997 show, Manic Monday, a two-woman, underwater Cirque du Soleil production set to the music of the Bangles.

The newest result of their creative endeavors is DUO, a unique store for all things culinary. The concept is simple: if they like it, if their husbands like it, and it has to do with food, you can buy it at DUO. From pots, pans and Viking appliances to floral arrangements, gourmet food and even furniture, if they feature it in the space, it’s probably for sale. Heck, at the grand opening party alone somebody walked off with the front door and two sales people. (Just note, the purchase of human beings is final. No exchanges, no returns).

The space is a retail store by day, and spectacular event space by night for groups from 10 to 120 people. There’s a wonderful, professional-grade show kitchen where you can watch cooking demonstrations and not only learn impressive techniques, but how to use the tools and ingredients available at DUO.

And then there are the gadgets. Oh, the gadgets. We have a shopping list a mile long and we don’t even think we made it around half the store before we realized we were going to need a bigger credit card.

In January, they’ll start evening cooking classes featuring local and national chefs and we can’t wait. Maybe we’ll make Hollandaise with Ina Garten. Or force Rachael Ray to admit that her 30-minute meals really take about 90.

All we know is that anything Tracy and Lynae put their mind to is going to be spectacular, and most likely make us gain a few pounds in the process. But if that’s the price of greatness, ring us up.

7721 Inwood Road, Dallas
(214) 884-2979