Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Search Is Over

You know how every time you enter a search term on Google, a long list pops up as you type with recommended options that contain the word you’re using? Some are completely crazy, like “I want to eat my cat,” “Is poop flammable?” or “Can I push a hemorrhoid back in?”

Well, some really savvy people coined a phrase for this called Whoogles, as in “Who Googled that?” It’s a popular web site, but now they’ve produced a collection of the all-time zaniest into a fun-to-read book with clever commentary about each of the outrageous searches.

But it’s not just for entertainment. We’ve found out a ton of valuable facts, too. For instance, we now know that you can not be half a virgin. And it’s probably not a good idea to manually force poop out of your body (people seem very concerned with poop-related topics).

Our favorite Google search result has got to be this gem, however: “Does sperm whiten teeth?” We’re not sure why anybody would search for this because the answer is pretty obvious. Of course sperm doesn’t whiten teeth. If it did, John McCain would smile far more often.

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