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Our Favorite Stocking Stuffer

When we were kids, we were always thrilled to go over to our grandparents’ house on Christmas morning. Santa had already been to our house, but we knew by the time we got to theirs, we’d have a whole new batch of gifts to open. Best of all, Santa always left us a stocking at their place, too.

As hard-working people who lived through the Great Depression when Christmases were far from extravagant, the one thing they could always count on as children was fresh fruit in their stocking. And they were excited to get that. It was a concept we never understood as spoiled little kids who got nearly everything we asked for, but every year we’d run to the fireplace and know exactly what we’d find inside. One orange and one apple.

Well this year, we think that tradition should be kept alive, but with a thoroughly modern twist. For anybody out there with kids, or even those of us who still love filling a stocking for our boyfriend on Christmas morning, we suggest putting in a fresh, delicious orange. And one amazing Apple.

The newest iPod nano is as small as ever, features the same touch-screen technology that we’re already used to on our iPhones, and puts it all in a budget-friendly package. Starting at just $149 for 8GB of storage, it features a ton of stuff that will get us through our first workouts of the New Year in rockin’ style.

A built-in FM Radio means we can connect to the audio feed on the TVs at the gym, a pedometer will keep us on top of our daily mileage to and from the bar, and the clip function attaches right to our Prada tracksuit like some sort of high-tech brooch. It’s so light, we don’t even know it’s on us. Just like that unforgettable night with Zac Efron.

8 GB iPod nano, $149
16 GB iPod nano, $179