Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Basket Case

Swimsuits to gay men are like orphans to Angelina. We want one in every shape and color to make sure people notice us, love us and praise us for our big, um, hearts.

Well, when we saw the latest in underwater fashion from N2N Bodywear we knew these were suits that would turn as many heads as they were holding in. Created by out designer Andrew Makay, the 2008 line is diverse, striking and disarmingly sexy. (If you have any doubts, just peruse the site or check out the YouTube videos of superstud Alan Ritchson, a.k.a. Smallville’s Aquaman, modeling trunks, bikinis, midcuts, lowcuts and g-strings. FYI, he’s the model on the home page and the new object of our ever-changing stalker alter.)

Makay designed his first suit when he was just 21 and now has an empire devoted to carefully handling more packages than FedEx.

Of all the swimsuits we tried from the collection, our favorites have to be the Contempo Trunk, a modest-yet-sufficiently-skimpy square-cut, and the surprisingly hot-n-tight, knee-length University Jammer. Showing so little skin has never been sexier.

But if you really want to grab a little extra spotlight on the beach (or Aisle 6 at Target) strut your stuff in the X-Poser mid-cut. It has a naughty little cutout just below the waistband and just above the goods. It’s the perfect way to proudly show off that new bikini wax while showing the world that you care about the environment. Just look at all the fabric you’ve saved.

N2N Bodywear
$10 (clearance) – $40

Gay List Daily Flashback
It’s the last week of the year and we’re taking a vacation, or as we like to think of it, a brief sassbatical. This week, we’re revisiting a few of our favorite things from 2010 that deserve a second mention. We’ll be back on January 3 with a brand-new batch of recommendations to make your life better, happier and gayer. Until then, Happy New Year from everyone at Gay List Daily!