Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hangin’ With Mr. Joseph

Forget The Wrestler. And don’t bother with The Fighter. This year, we’re all about The Boxer.

One of our many New Year’s Resolutions was to try new things, so naturally our mind turned to one of our favorite fetishes obsessions topics: underwear. We’ve always been more of the Tighty Whitey/Blacky/Bluey type of guy, because we like everything to stay in its place until asked politely to come out.

Boxers have always given us a little too much freedom, if you ask us. All that flipping, flopping and getting stuck just above our knee can make for a long day of covert adjustments. Yet still, there’s something sexy about a guy in boxers. So we decided to try again.

And Jake Joseph was there to help. The designer sent us a pair from three of his collections: a brief, a trunk and a trouser boxer. They were all classic, yet modern, but there was just something intriguing about the boxer that made us go against all logic and put them on first.

Utlizing design principles from classic men’s trousers, each pair has 2 snap buttons, French stitching and is made of 100% Cotton (in the USA!). The best part is that each pair is made of shirt-quality fabric and designed so that it can be worn inside/out. So if you find yourself waking up in a strange bed, no problem! Simply flip them over and it’s like a whole new pair. No one will be the wiser. (Well, unless you had Taco Bell the night before).

We’re also keen on the fact that these somehow fit better than the boxers of our past. We may not be complete converts yet, but at least once a week (or twice if we need to do the whole inside/out trick) we’re going to celebrate Boxers Day and sport our Jake Josephs with pride.

So whether you’re already a boxer fan, ready to try something new, or simply want to treat yourself to a high-quality pair of skivvies, check out Jake Joseph soon.

And Hang Loose, Friends!