Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Diva, Las Vegas! Diva, Tallahassee!

One of our favorite things about January, besides all those new people to check out in the gym locker room, is the Dallas Voice Readers Voice Awards.

We love Dallas Voice for so many reasons, but we especially like to see what the general public thinks about everything our fair city has to offer. We’ve found more great businesses as a result of awards they’ve won, so we always cast our vote to help out others in the community.

But we don’t just do it because we want to help out our favorite massage therapist. God knows his ego doesn’t need to get any bigger. No, we do it because we have a chance to win something big! That’s right, just for voting in at least one category, you’ll be entered to win a pair of American Airlines roundtrip tickets. Then you’re free to travel anywhere in the contiguous 48 states, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean! All for a couple of mouse clicks.

This year, you can also vote for the Ultimate Dallas Diva, like SheGotta Mustache (above) or one of many other talented beauties. The winning diva will be featured on the cover of the Readers Voice edition of Dallas Voice and gets $1,000 toward her chosen charity. (And no, “Duct Tapers Without Borders” isn’t one of them.)

Of course, if you want to write us in as your Ultimate Dallas Diva, we wouldn’t complain. Or Favorite Gay Blog. That would be sweet, too.

Vote now through January 28, 2011
Results will appear in the print and online editions March 18, 2011