Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Our New Inflatable Friend

How many times has this happened to you? After a wonderful vacation, you unpack your luggage and everything inside is completely soaked. You poke around looking for the culprit. Was it the bottle of vodka you snuck through customs? Nope. The gallon of CK One you bought at Duty Free? Not a chance.

No, once you dig all the way to the bottom, there’s a nice little note (inside a one-quart Ziploc) from the TSA agent you threw your bag at because you were running late for the gate: “Dear Sir, Next time a simple ‘thank you’ would be nice. But that’s OK, you saved me from having to take a bathroom break. XOXO, George.”

Don’t you hate when that happens? For us, it’s at least every other trip. And practically every three times, George eats a bunch of asparagus in anticipation of our arrival.

Well, we’re here to help you with all your wetness-related travel woes. And even a few other types. For the TSA variety, learn from us and be extremely polite. A Starbucks gift card slipped into the hand of the baggage handler doesn’t hurt, either.

For everything else, there’s a new product we no longer travel without: our VinniBag. Originally designed to transport wine home in one piece, it’s now being used by people for all sorts of things. Those treasured tchotchkes you picked up overseas? They’ll get home in mint condition, ready to display on your mantel.

All those hair and body products that spooge out when you get to your hotel because of the change in cabin pressure in the airplane? With VinniBag, you’ll never have another shirt covered in Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific again.

And, of course, all that prize-winning wine you picked up at that gorgeous little estate in Sonoma County? It’ll be ready to drink as soon as you pop the latch to your Samsonite.

If you want to see how durable VinniBags really are for yourself, check out the video of them putting VinniBags inside luggage and tossing them off bridges and down staircases. It was enough to convince us, but using them on our last two vacations has been the ultimate proof.

Just make sure to get more than one. If you’re like us, before long our entire suitcase will be filled from top to bottom with VinniBags. Never again are we going to pack our Swarovski Crystal G-strings without adequate protection. Because all it takes is one broken stone for our pole dance to become a dull dance.

And nobody tips for that.

$28/each, $25/each when purchasing 2 or more
Free shipping within 48 contiguous states

Matthew Shepard Gay Ski Week in Crested Butte

We're thrilled to tell you that we've signed on as a sponsor of the inaugural Matthew Shepard Foundation Gay Ski Week, taking place March 19-26 in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado.

And, because we love you, we have arranged a special Friends & Family package just for you! Here's what you get: accommodations at Elevation (our host hotel) for 7 nights, 5 days of lift tickets and party passes to attend all official ski week events. All this, and you get to hang out with us, for only $1,310 per person. Yep, it is based on double occupancy but it is not like you were gonna come alone!

There are only a limited number of packages available, so you need to let us know via our contact us page if you want to take advantage of this ASAP so we can put you in touch with our friends in Crested Butte to get you reserved!

When these packages are gone, they are gone, and you will just have to book your tickets like the “others” and we may act like we know you…or we may not.

More details about Matthew Shepard Foundation Gay Ski Week at www.matthewshepardgayskiweek.com