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Things That Go Bump In The Shower

When we first heard that VitaMan was sending us some products, we had flashbacks to one of our favorite childhood cereals. Could it really be true that we were about to have a mailbox full of lightly sweetened morsels of corny-oaty goodness? No, but what we did receive was much, much better.

What we found inside our mailbox was a full line of VitaMan products, some of the most popular men’s grooming products direct from Down Under. Aussies have enjoyed them for over a decade, but now thanks to Barney’s and a new U.S. web store, we are finally able to have a rich, creamy Australian in our shower. And one that’s not afraid to glide over our body and dive deep into creases and crevices that could really use a g’day, mate.

The VitaMan line is totally comprehensive, with products for hair, face and body. We haven’t even made it all the way through the entire line, but when we discovered the Exfoliating Soap, we knew we’d found a winter wonder that we had to share.

After all, the cold weather makes our skin so dry, you can scratch “High-Maintenance Nelly Queen” right into our skin with little effort at all. (And by the way, if you’re reading this, Jacob, we found the haiku you scratched on our back before you left without leaving your phone number. The second line had too many syllables, so we guess the joke’s on you, loser.)

This giant, man-sized bar of soap features rows of massage bumps that make lathering up more exciting than ever. But it’s the unique combo of Ground Cinnamon and Barley Bran that gently exfoliate and wash away dead skin combined with essential oils from patchouli, sandalwood and cinnamon to aid in toning and tightening. The result is silky-smooth, masculine smelling skin that looks simply radiant.

Under most circumstances, exfoliating can be rough on the skin if done too often. But we’ve found this bar to be gentle enough to use everyday until the last of those wonderful massage bumps disappears. Or our ex-boyfriend figures out that the Australian we’ve been bragging about showering with is made mostly of glycerin and purified water.