Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kristian Coalition

We love when we discover something new by accident. Last week, it was the book, Swish, that we found because its author stars in a new reality show. This week, we got a press release about Kristian Hoffman’s concert in LA that came with a copy of the artists’ latest album. Within moments of loading it into our iTunes library, we knew we had stumbled upon something great.

Sure, the more musically inclined of you will already know that Hoffman is the musical director for another great gay artist, Rufus Wainwright. Where Wainwright can fall too deeply into a state of melodic melancholy, however, Hoffman finds humor, shock and controversy in the strangest of places. The result is FOP, a CD that practically defies description, other than the fact that we find it brilliant.

Our favorite track, not surprisingly, is one that many may find wildly offensive. It’s called Hey Little Jesus and includes one of the most infectious lyrics we’ve ever had the pleasure of getting stuck in our head: Hey Little Jesus, Get Out of That Hole! Watch the music video and we guarantee you’ll never look at the resurrection story the same again. And damn, that’s one sexy Jesus.

Hoffman’s been around for such a long time that he’s been called the cult legend of other cult legends. But, he’s new to us and we hope you’ll find this discovery equally enlightening. If not, don’t worry. Next week we’ll let you in on a little movie called Gone With the Wind that’s simply amazing. It’s like Project Runway with curtains!

$9.99 on iTunes
$13.28 on Amazon.com
(And if you’re in LA, here’s the concert info)