Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Transylvania Mania

It’s the rare (and delightful) occurrence that a Broadway show actually gets better when it hits the road. And that’s exactly the case with Young Frankenstein, which just opened for a three-week run at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. Had we anticipated this, we would’ve gone on opening night instead of waiting until a matinee this past weekend to fill an empty few hours in our calendar. Like vampires, we’re not fond of venturing out in the daylight, but we’re so glad we did.

Fans of the film will love the allegiance to the original script, but even those who’ve never seen the movie (gasp!) will find it hilarious and delightfully raunchy. We took a newbie with us and he was blown away. (He liked the show, too.)

We saw Young Frankenstein on Broadway during its original run and even though the sets were grander and the overall production more elaborate, there’s something about this touring company that just jells better. Perhaps it’s the lack of distraction that can occur when there are big name stars on stage like Megan Mullally, who appeared in the Broadway production. Though if she keeps singing and dancing about fake butter, she may cease to qualify.

There are no above-the-title stars here, but that’s partly what makes this production so much fun. The characters and that undeniable Mel Brooks wit are allowed to take center stage. Like Frankenstein’s monster, this musical is utterly, wonderfully, hilariously ALIVE. (And not afraid to sing about tits!)

Tickets: $30 – $150
Winspear Opera House
2403 Flora Street, Dallas
(214) 880-0202

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Photo Credit: Paul Kolmik