Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Some Like It Wet. And Hot.

When we were kids, we used to think those Magic Fingers vibrating beds in sleazy motels were the coolest thing ever. For just a few quarters, we got tingly in all the funny places and we could sing a vibrato that would rival Tiny Tim.

But as we’ve gotten older our sophistication level has moved far beyond a jiggly mattress. From four-handed to hot-stone, we want a rub-down that we’ll remember far longer than the hour or so we’re face down on a table. We thought we’d experienced everything a spa could possibly come up with, but along comes Hiatus Spa with a ritual that we’ve been dreaming about ever since our first experience.

It’s called “Sanitas per Aqua,” the Latin phrase for Health through Water. (Or as we like to call it, “Oil of Olé!”)

The full-body rejuvenation experience takes place in a room that’s pretty much a giant shower. It’s warm, steamy and enveloped in the warm glow of candles and the soft sounds of spa music. First of all, make sure you ask for Andrew. We’re not sure if anyone else does this treatment, but we can assure you that he’s the best.

Upon entering the room, Andrew seated us in a chair and proceeded to perform a purifying foot treatment with Dead Sea salts, anise and clove to pull toxins from our body. Thirteen hours, three gallons of sea salt and a bushel of cloves later, he realized the toxins in our body were not leaving quietly, so he quickly slipped us Dr. Drew’s phone number and directed us to the massage table.

The sound of water surrounded us and relaxation was almost immediate. A warm infusion of olive and sesame oils blended with orange and jasmine was slowly drizzled over our skin like a succulent piece of chicken ready to hit the grill at a Mongolian barbecue. The aromas and physical sensations were truly otherworldly and wonderful.

But the best was yet to come. The main portion of the treatment was a rain-drenched massage under the Vichy Shower. It was slippery, soothing, wet and wild. Well, wild in the calmest way possible.

The service ended with a Shirodhara flow of eucalyptus, geranium and lime essences, designed to wash away stress. In case you didn’t know, Shirodhara is an Indian medicinal treatment wherein oil is poured over your third eye. Well, the one on your forehead, at least. It’s so indescribably soothing and tranquil that we never wanted it to end. We think we stayed on the table in a trance a good 15 minutes after the whole thing was over.

Seriously, though, we could get this treatment every day and never tire of it. If you like a warm, soothing shower, what could possibly be better than one that lasts 80 minutes and includes a hot guy for the price of admission?

Put away the loofah, honey. This is the shower of a lifetime.

$160 Non-Members ($118 Platinum, $128 Gold members)
Inwood Village
5560 West Lovers Lane, Suite 250, Dallas
(214) 352 -4111

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