Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Toddlers, Pre-teens & Tiaras

There’s nothing quite as deflating as that one grand moment when you prepare a big dramatic speech to come out to someone and they say, “Oh yeah, we’ve always known. Wanna watch Suddenly Susan?”

Yeah, no matter how butch or “straight acting” we are in our memories, there’s likely proof out there that we were headed directly for a life of double rainbows and triple martinis. They’re called photographs – and they don’t lie.

Thankfully, somebody has started a web site called Born This Way to collect everyone’s telltale images from childhood. A cocked hip here, a little lipstick and eyeliner there, and it’s amazing we weren’t all sent to the Home for Wayward ‘Mos. When we hosted a drag-themed Halloween party in 8th grade for our entire church group, that should’ve been just one of many signals that we weren’t like the other boys.

The photos on the site and the stories that accompany them are priceless. Not just because they’re often LOL hilarious, but incredibly poignant, too. The site’s creator is not trying to further stereotypes, but it does go to show that stereotypes often exist for a reason.

Browse the site and you’ll likely remember your own similarly posed photos of nelly fabulousness. Our fave is the one above captioned: “Jon Benet Ramsey Meets Anita Bryant.” Classic.

Upload your own own photos and tell the world your personal story. In a time when bullying is taking center stage among youth all over the U.S., this site could be just another tiny step in helping troubled kids realize that one day they will look back and laugh.

Six pages into our childhood photo albums and you’re likely to bust a gut yourself.