Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Snark Attack

If you have yet to join fab.com, you’re like totally missing out. With over 100,000 members (mmmmmm…members), it’s one of our favorite places to check out gay hot spots in destinations all over the globe. Like the best place for a Philly Cheesesteak in Paris. Or where to get a good sex change in Topeka. Plus less common searches too.

The best part is that real live gays tell it just like it is. If a place sucks, they don’t hold back. And that can really come in handy whether you’re 1,000 miles away or just looking for a restaurant down the street. All you need is a Facebook profile to join fab.com, which helps ensure that people are legit, have actual photos, and understand how it feels to get poked.

Plus, fab.com sets up your profile for you and helps you connect with Facebook friends in a whole new way. You earn points (called bits) for simple tasks like logging in or getting friends to join. Earn even more by taking advantage of exclusive deals on stuff you use everyday, including satellite TV, Netflix and banking. Then spend those credits on site features like unlocking a list of who’s been checking out your profile (people can find love here, too, you know).

One of the newest features is also our current favorite. It’s a new series of delightfully bitchy e-cards. Most feature vintage photos that look right out of a 1970s Sears Catalog with crazy sentiments attached like “Cheer up. There’s someone out there who thinks you’re perfect just the way you are. But it’s not me.”

There are bitter Valentine’s cards, too, which is great because we think Valentine’s Day is just insanely ridiculous. They even occasionally get political, as in one card featuring the ugly mug of one Sarah Palin and the statement “Argentina would NEVER cry for you.” It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true.

So check out fab.com, earn some bits, and send your friends some e-cards to let them know how much you care. Or how little you think of their new piercing. Try finding that at Hallmark.