Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ultimate Catfight Barbies

Sing along with us. BUH buh buh. Buh BAH buh-buh. Buh BAH buh-buh, bah-buh-buh. Ah, yes. The Theme from Dynasty still gives us goose bumps after all these years. It’s been three decades, in fact, since the world was introduced to the biggest guilty pleasure of all time: Dynasty.

So to commemorate this gayest of milestones, the good folks over at Mattel have issued two wonderful Barbie Collector dolls, one of do-gooder Krystle, and one of ultimate bitch Alexis. Both are decked out in gowns inspired by original Nolan Miller designs featured on the iconic TV series. And you know what? They look a lot like Linda Evans and Joan Collins. A lot.

The details are stunning (except for Alexis’ poorly-chosen, see-through yellow shoes) and the duo display side by side nicely. Each comes with a doll stand and poses wonderfully inside the box, which features the interior foyer staircases of Carrington Mansion. Their plastic covers are even adorned with two of the battling bitches’ best calls to action.

“If you want a rematch just whistle! If you can!” – Krystle

“That sounds like a challenge and I adore a challenge!” – Alexis

Our original dilemma with these dolls was whether or not to keep them in the box. So we we’ve decided we need four. Two to keep in the box and two to help us recreate the most famous Krystle-Alexis catfights ever.

Like their first one in Alexis’ studio. Or the famous brawl in the lily pond. Or the hilariously bad reunion-movie catfight, perhaps the only one in history with sequins and feather boas!

Our all-time favorite, sadly, is the Krystle vs. Krystle fight when Linda Evans played her own evil imposter. But that means opening up TWO Krystle packages. Oh, the dramatic dilemmas!

The best part about the TV catfights for us has always been how wooden and fake the stunt doubles always were. So really, our bitch-slapping Barbies will fit in just fine.


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And because you are our favorite bitches, we’ve got one Krstyle and one Alexis Barbie to give away.

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