Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lucky Be A Liza

For generations of gays, Liza Minnelli will forever be the queen of the queens. Spawned from Judy Garland, who was also apparently popular among the homos, she eventually became an international icon for the GLBT community. And to this day, all you have to do is say the name “Liza” and people know exactly whom you’re talkin’ ‘bout, Willis.

Well, if you’re one of those die-hard Minnelli fans, or anybody looking to kill a couple hours trapped at home during a blizzard, Lucky Lady is coming to DVD tomorrow for the first time ever. Co-staring Burt Reynolds and Gene Hackman, this Prohibition-era comedy is an absolute mess. But one we couldn’t take our eyes off, either. It’s one of those so-bad-it’s-good kind of films. (And also one of those the-drunker-you-are-the-more-you’ll-laugh kinds, too.)

The story is set during 1930s and through a crazy set of circumstances, the trio of misfits becomes a highly successful gang of booze bootleggers (after a botched attempt at smuggling illegal aliens across the Mexican border). Fortunately, Liza gets to sing and do the Charleston in between gunfights and ménage à trois. Yep, she bangs Burt and Gene. We’re sure that at some point in history, either man was considered a catch. We don’t get it, but that’s why we watch movies. To make believe.

Somewhere along the way, the screwball comedy turns extremely violent and ends with an elaborate, explosion-filled naval battle sequence that may or may not include the bloody demise of a certain heartthrob named Robby Benson. It’s just one more bizarre moment in an even more bizarre movie.

And we can’t help but love it just a little.