Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Um, That’s NOT A Breadstick

It’s the ultimate blind date – even if you’ve been together for 20 years. That’s right, Dallas is getting a pop-up version of Opaque, a dining-in-the-dark restaurant that’s been all the rage in its permanent locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

If you haven’t heard of this dining phenomenon, the concept is simple. You enter the restaurant and check your coats and bags (and anything annoying that lights up or makes noise like a mobile phone) before reviewing the evening’s menu. Then, you’re led to a specially designed dining room that’s completely dark. One hundred percent void of light. Pitch black. Just like our soul.

Blind or visually impaired servers will guide you as you adjust to this new world where all your other senses are heightened. Because like the old saying goes, you’ve never eaten a salad until you’ve heard what it has to say. Or maybe that’s what we remember from the time we took vegan poppers. Who can be sure.

What we do know is that we’re extremely excited because we’ve been wanting to try this out ever since we first heard of a restaurant in Europe doing it. So at least for one weekend, we have the unique opportunity to enjoy a meal like no other. (Click here to check out a video of the experience through night-vision cameras.)

Thankfully, the menu is specially designed to be easier on those of us who are used to seeing what we’re eating. That means no scalding hot bowls of soup, and no family-style pass-the-skewered-shrimp action, either. Though we do think it would be funny if they made us use chopsticks.

The special Valentine’s Day menu is listed on the web site and reservations will go very quickly for the weekend, so log on right now to get your tickets. The evening is designed with couples in mind, but groups may purchase tickets, too. We recommend calling the 1-800 number for that just to make sure they can accommodate your request.

All we can say is, for God’s sake, don’t wear white. And if you order red wine, you’re a braver person than we are.

Friday – Monday, February 11-14, 2011
Four-course menu, $198 per couple
Wine, beer and soft drinks extra

Opaque – dining in the dark
At the Aloft Dallas Downtown
Party pad, lower level
1033 Young Street, Dallas
(800) 710-1270