Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

He Wants Our Sex

Few artists have ever given us dirty dreams the way George Michael could. At the time he went out on his own, we didn’t know he was gay. Hell, we hadn’t even decided if that was how we labeled ourselves. But watching him in his music videos, listening to his music on our Cassette Walkman, and staring at his poster on our ceiling, we knew that one day we were destined to be his husband. Or at least his dutiful monkey.

Well, that never happened. At least not that he remembers.

But we do consider Faith to be one of the top ten albums that defined our young gay selves. It got us up and dancing and we still know the lyrics to nearly every song by heart. Just ask our parents about that Grand Canyon road trip and Mom’s breakdown over our constant chanting of “Sex is Natural! Sex Is Fun!” as we drove through the Arizona desert.

So it should come as no shock that today is a monumental day. And not just because it’s Groundhog Day Eve. No, today is the official re-release of Faith, an album that changed the pop music world as much as it rocked ours. Every song has been meticulously re-mastered and there are several special edition sets available.

So get a copy for yourself and join us in a day-long, back-to-back playing of Faith. It’ll surely bring back memories, even though now we’re old enough to be somebody else’s Father Figure. On second thought, this whole re-release has just gotten us depressed.

But somehow, with George by our side, we’ll get by.

2-CD set starts at $13.85
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