Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Holy Shamoly!

Ah, religion. Such a non-controversial topic. Why not mix that with the equally tame theme of homosexuality? Seemed like a good idea for two books that approach the churchy-gay combo from completely different perspectives.

Plus, after a few weeks of write-ups on skimpy underwear, booze and bad Liza movies, we figured we needed to go a little high-brow this fine Monday morning. Cuz books is smart and stuff.

And also because we need something to distract us from the nightmares we had all night of Christina Aguilera’s horrendous rendition of the National Anthem.

In Come Sunday Morning, readers meet Hezekiah T. Cleaveland, a handsome pastor with a secret (our favorite kind)! Despite a most unfortunate name, he still manages to land a hot young man on the side, much to the dismay of his wife, also a preacher. Soon their megachurch and television ministry are in serious jeopardy. It’s juicy, filled with deception and murder, like any good church book should. It’s a quick read, which is about all we can handle these days, what with all the crocheted mitten orders we’ve had rolling in at our night job.

And speaking of quick reads, Being Gay Is Disgusting is a delightful modern paraphrasing of the first five books of the Bible. So if you don’t have hours upon hours to sift through all that Bibley language of thou and shall, behold this-and-that, it nicely summarizes all the key action in a really clever way. It actually has very little to do with homosexuality, despite the title, but it’s quite a fun read because of how absurd some biblical passages can sound when the story is laid out in a more linear fashion.

The title, of course, is meant to put the whole idea of literal translations into a completely new perspective, itself a rephrasing of fundamentalist Christians’ biggest weapon against gays, Leviticus 18:22: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

“Being Gay is Disgusting” is much more to the point. The whole book is wildly inappropriate, at least it will be in certain circles, and that’s why it gets our stamp of approval!

So if you’re looking for an addition or two to your Tuesday Wine & Book Club, both of these books will definitely get people talking.

And quite possibly praying for your soul.

Come Sunday Morning
$10.07 on amazon.com

Being Gay Is Disgusting
$14.28 on amazon.com