Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

So You Think You Can Roll Dice?

Stop the presses. We think we’ve found the gayest board game ever. Well, at least since classics like Dungeons and Drag Queens, Trick-ial Pursuit and Hungry, Hungry Bottoms.

Man, we miss our childhood.

Well, today we’re here to introduce you to…orchestra tuning…drum roll…curtain rising…thunderous applause…Be A Broadway Star!

Finally, all the heartache of endless auditions and rejections, all the pain of being maimed performing in Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, and all the drama of Patti LuPone stopping a Gypsy mid-song – in a board game you can play right in your very own living room!

And you know what? It’s actually really fun (just check out the smiles on the peeps in the photo above). Keeping the rules handy is our only advice because like a real Broadway career, there are several steps to striking it rich and becoming famous. Like hiring an agent. Securing a publicist. Growing a thicker skin.

Our favorite part of the game, however, is the Make or Break space on the board. Land on this and draw a card. You then have to perform for your friends and they vote on whether you make it or break it. It could mean singing, or it could require doing a one-man chorus line with spastic jazz hands (that’s our own personal twist).

Earn a Tony Award and get special treatment. Make it to the end of the game with the most fans, and you win!

Really, it’s just like a real career on Broadway. Without the 156-square-foot apartment and seven roommates.

And scene.