Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oh, Canadian!

If that mockingbird don’t sing, we’re gonna beg Momma to buy us Diamond Rings. The little-known gay singer is cute as a bug and we’d love to have him sing us a few lullabies every night. Thankfully, he can be bought for a mere thirteen bucks! Well, his CD, at least.

Despite his young looks and svelte little body, his voice is deep, moody and surprisingly sultry. He looks a bit like Boy George in the skinny years, but has a style all his own. And even though he’s barely in his twenties, his music sounds right from the techno-drenched alternative sound of the 1980s. With a completely modern sensibility, of course. He’s out and proud, which is something that probably wasn’t too common back in that decade. We were still in diapers, so we wouldn’t remember. (OK, adult diapers, but that doesn’t make the story as interesting.)

His first full-length CD, Special Affections, recently dropped and we’ve listened to it several times and keep liking it better each time. We truly weren’t expecting it to make it into our regular iPod rotation, but darn if it didn’t hook us.

Diamond Rings has been on tour with Robyn since January to promote it. The stint wasn’t supposed to be too long, but he’s just announced that he’ll be touring until April, now as a co-headliner with PS I Love You. So with any luck, they’ll be coming to your town, or at least one you want an excuse to travel to.

Check out one of his videos and see what you think. We’ll think you’ll want Diamond Rings on your finger, too. Or at least stuck in your head.

$12.99 CD