Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Stumble In The Park

To think that White Zinfandel was our drink of choice the first few years of our early alcoholic development. The mere thought of red wine or a liquor with any color to it whatsoever was beyond comprehension. We even ordered our Double Long Island Iced Teas without gin because we could actually taste that in our drink and we liked our alcohol unnoticeable.

As for the taste of whisky? Forget it. You might as well have poured us a big tall glass of lighter fluid with a witch hazel-bleu cheese chaser.

But that was then. Now, our palate is so much more sophisticated. Really, more sophisticated than any other part of us because we still laugh if someone farts ahead of us in line at Starbucks.

As our tastes and horizons have expanded, we’ve grown to not just appreciate whisky, but love whisky. Particularly scotch whisky. But a good one can often cost more than our monthly Dysport allowance. That’s why we were thrilled to try Highland Park for the first time. Sure, we think the 25-year-old is amazing (who doesn’t love a good 25-year-old, after all) and the 18-year-old is pretty great, too.

The Highland Park 12, however, is priced just right and packs all the wonderful characteristics of much more expensive brands. It’s what we like to think of as an “everyday” whisky.

On the rocks, it takes mere moments for the flavors to release and mellow for the ideal by-the-fire sipper. The aromas are woodsy and pleasantly herbaceous, the perfect compliment to the rich amber color. And the clink of the ice against the glass is like music to our ears. It’s a feast for at least four of our senses.

Five if we stick our finger in the glass.

Highland Park 12, $45.99
Highland Park 18, $104.99
Highland Park 25, $274.99