Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Float Couture

Our doctor told us we needed to cut back on chocolate. So we stuck our face in it. He then said we had to exercise more. So we had a machine melt away the inches instead. Most recently, he had the nerve to tell us to completely eliminate salt. So we jumped into a tub filled with 1,000 pounds of it.

Man, if our doctor keeps telling us what not to do, our defiance of his orders is going to make us beautiful, skinny and relaxed!

At Adrift Float Spa, which just opened yesterday, we experienced one of our favorite indulgences ever, one where were transported to another world. An undersea kingdom where mermaids sing and crabs danced about our crotch (your experience may differ slightly).

The benefits of floating are simple. An hour of floating equals four hours of deep sleep. The relaxation that results is said to make people happier, healthier, more confident and able to remove people’s clothing just by staring at them. Or was that Scott Baio?

All this takes place in one of Adrift Float Spa’s four private floatation cabins. Filled with ten inches of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, they create the sensation and benefits of the Dead Sea without having to travel further than Preston Center. The water is set at the body’s normal skin temperature, a consistent 93.5 degrees. (Our second-favorite boy band from the ’90s!)

Once we were convinced that we weren’t going to sink, we let ourselves go for one of the greatest sensations this side of a York Peppermint Pattie. You can customize your experience by choosing lighting that transitions between colors, or float in total darkness like a coal miner. Underwater music includes ambient sounds, traditional spa music or our own personal favorite.

We can’t wait to return to Adrift because they say the more often you float, the more benefits you’ll experience.

Best of all, you’re supposed to do it naked. Unlike our former job as a school crossing guard.

$89 for a single 60-minute session (plus pre- and post-float use of the relaxation room and high-tech massage chairs). FYI, the price drops the more sessions you purchase.

8315 Preston Road, Dallas
(214) 36-FLOAT (214-363-5628)