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Nature Calls

We love wood in the morning. At noon. And all night long. In fact, if you can make it from a tree, we’re all over it. It just really classes up a joint.

So when we found these cool wooden cases from Vers made of bamboo, cherry or walnut, we knew we had to have one. Made of naturally renewable materials, we can feel good the next time we drop our iPhone into a lake because we know at least the case will eventually biodegrade. Sure, the phone may cause fish to grow third eyes and extra nipples, but we still feel super eco-friendly about the case.

Even better, for every tree that Vers uses to create its line of cases for iPhone, iPod and iPad, as well as some totally cool earphones with an integrated microphone, they plant another hundred trees. That’s what we call giving back on a grand scale.

Each case features a soft, scratch-resistant lining so that your precious cargo won’t be destroyed in the name of protection. And they’re UV and moisture-resistant, too. Weighing in at only 1.7 ounces, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

But everyone else will definitely take notice. Because when you pull a wood out of your pocket, people always stare.

iPhone 4, $39.99
iPhone 3/3GS, $19.99
iPad, $79.99
Earphones w/ microphone, $49.99