Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Knork, Knork, Who’s There?

The first time we encountered a spork, it was in a Taco Bell and we were about to eat our first Enchirito. (Ah, what a magical time of discovery in our youth.) We’re not sure which was scarier, the spoon with deadly spikes or the mystery meat wrapped inside that tortilla. Let’s just say, we still use sporks. Enchiritos, not so much.

So this past weekend when we saw our first Knork, the lovechild of a knife-fork inter-flatware affair, we were intrigued. And impressed.

The sexy design is sleek, modern and weighted just right (we loves us a heavy fork). The edge on the Knork is not sharp or serrated, so it won’t harm you to touch it. Instead, a beveled edge allows you to cut through foods easily with just a slight back-and-forth motion (our favorite kind).

Oddly enough, they sell actual knives with their full place settings, which include spoons, as well. But you really don’t need a regular knife when you’ve got a Knork, right? But we suppose Emily Post wouldn’t be happy with a table setting that didn’t include a real knife, no matter how multi-purpose the fork happens to be.

Knorks are available in plastic versions for all those Filet Mignons you serve on picnics. We also think this is the perfect solution for airlines. Finally, we can have real flatware in First Class again and they have to worry about us Knorking the pilot.

At least not during the flight.

Knork 4-pack, $24
Knork 20-piece set, service for four, $85
Or test out a salad fork, including shipping, for just $4