Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Olden Goldies

Senior Citizen Kane it’s not. Gone with the Wind-Breakers? Maybe. Hello, Poligrip!? Totally.

Thank You For Being A Friend, the unofficial Golden Girls parody, celebrates all the best parts of everybody’s favorite 1980’s geriatric sitcom. The names have been changed to protect the innocent (and ward off the litigious), but it’s easy to fall in love all over again with these skewed versions of four of TV’s most beloved characters.

The plot centers on the gals’ displeasure with the raucous all-night sex parties of their new next-door neighbor, Lance Bass. When he refuses to curb his enthusiasm for man-on-man orgies, they challenge him to something that only makes sense in the world of sitcoms: a face-off in the local retirement home talent show.

Musical numbers break up the action and there are some great sight gags throughout. The second act is the real high point where everything set up from the longer first act comes together and pays off splendidly. The casting is superb, too, which makes the whole experience delightfully surreal.

Thank You For Being A Friend has been selling out like crazy, so chances are you’ve already seen it. But if you haven’t, it’s time to get off the bamboo sofa and purchase your tickets before it’s too late. We have it on good authority that the show will remount later in the year, but why take a chance?

Head back to Miami today and catch up with some old pals. They’ll have a cheesecake – and a wisecrack – waiting.

Tickets: $20 – $25
Through March 6, 2011