Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Speedos

Much like the recently re-published recipe for Coca-Cola, there’s another secret out: gays love to travel. And we love to do it with lots and lots of other gays.

There’s something about safety in numbers. (And by safety, of course, we mean sex.) Because on a gay cruise, “Midnight Buffet” takes on a whole new meaning.

Of course, we’re only partially kidding. Gay travel does not automatically mean orgy at sea. Far from it.

The best part about touring the world with other gays is that you can make the experience whatever you want. Sure, all the brochures may show hot, shirtless men with 4% body fat and Speedos that cover 4% of their bodies. But that’s not the entire reality. There are men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Women, too!

Until now, however, there wasn’t really a single site that showed all the vacations available in one place. That’s why we absolutely adore ejurne.com (pronounced e-journey, in case you were wondering). Now we can compare cruises, resort vacations, adventure travel, and more – all from the world’s top GLBT tour providers like Atlantis, RSVP, R Family, Zoom Vacations, Olivia and Alyson Adventures.

Whether you want to take a Mediterranean cruise on a giant oceanliner, bike through the Arizona desert, grab the kids and head to Florida, or get all the lesbians together for a riverboat cruise through Europe, there truly is something for everyone.

The team at ejurne.com has decades of travel booking experience, so they know the ins and outs for out-and-proud travel. Review all the upcoming vacations and when you’re ready to book, simply call or send them an e-mail and they’ll take care of everything. Their service is completely free and you won’t pay a higher price booking with them. In fact, sometimes booking with ejurne.com will save you money off going direct.

Best of all, the company is 100% gay-owned so you know your money is staying in the family, unlike some corporate online booking sites that are just pretending to be gay to capitalize on our expendable income.

And our desire to wear a new swimsuit in every country on the planet.