Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Balls On Your Wall

We have forged a career making innocent things sound dirty. Like things handcrafted by orphans, nuns or mute, albino little people. But today, we were turned on to a design company that has written all the innuendo for us.

Introducing wallpaper from Filthy Home. Created by super-hot gay designer Ryan Cox, these stunning pieces of full-wall art have a little something extra, such as little details that are just slightly perverted, whether it’s the name of the pattern or the actual designs themselves.

Besides the wonderful pink “Reno Whore House” (pictured above) that we’ve just ordered to redecorate the Gay List Daily Mansion Meditation Chapel, we have plenty of other favorites. Like “Slits ‘N’ Tits”, “Dick Picnic”, “Labia Labyrinth” or “Sex Parlor.”

Those are pretty naughty.

But then something like “Golden Shower” is dirty by name only. We’d serve our grandmother hot cocoa in front of that wallpaper.

Filthy Home wallpapers are made of self-adhesive matte vinyl and use only non-solvent based inks, which are better for your health. Because nobody wants to breathe in poison wallpaper, though that crushed velvet stuff our Mom had for two decades in the dining room sure made us want to die.

We encourage you to visit this guy’s site, if for no other reason than to read his wonderfully witty product descriptions. Or to get your very first look at a “Popped Cherry.”

Starting at $90 for 24” x 96”