Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Have Your Jake And Eat It, Too

Today is a wonderful day! Because if you’re reading this, that means the one and only Brokeback Mountain heartthrob, Jake Gyllenhaal, can be naked in your bedroom this afternoon. Spread eagle in your living room tonight. And showing his tight little butt on the kitchen counter tomorrow morning. All you need is a portable DVD player and a superior PAUSE button on the remote.

As you’ve heard us complain before, it takes a lot to get us to shell out cash for romantic comedies because they’re so predictable and icky-sweet. Romance, Shromance. But when there’s the promise of a nude hottie like Gyllenhaal, we’ll check it out on the big screen at least seven times once. (It’s our way of keeping Hollywood in business.)

And in this tale of a Viagra salesman who falls in love with, ecchhkk, a woman (Anne Hathaway), we get to see more of the actor than ever before. Despite the straightness of it all, we have to admit, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway have an amazing chemistry together. Plus, there are some genuinely funny and memorable moments, not even counting the nude scenes.

Of course, we just hope the DVD release is full of, you know, extras.

$16.99 at amazon.com