Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

86,400 Seconds

So much can happen in 24 hours. Especially when you’re fabulous and famous. That’s why the two latest books from photographer Tim Hailand are so intriguing. The first focuses on One Day in the Life of Jake Shears from morning to night in London last summer during the Scissor Sisters’ “Night Work” world tour, while the One Day in the Life of Rufus Wainwright follows the singer from his New York City apartment to an opera house in Boston for the launch of a new tour.

For the purpose of journalistic integrity, we should point out here that we, too, were also the focus of one of Hailand’s One Day in the Life of books. Unfortunately, that one particular day we were recovering from an all-night Chicken-and-Waffles Eating Contest, which took place just two hours before our Guinness Book of World Records attempt to drink the most Coconut/Clamato-infused Jägermeister shots off a stripper in 30 minutes.

Needless to say, the following 24 hours weren’t pretty. The shoot went on as planned, but the publishers determined that us lying on the bathroom floor in the fetal position for 96 pages wasn’t destined to be a best-seller, despite how well it captured our normal routine. We suggested they turn it into a scratch-and-sniff pop-up book, but that only got us a restraining order.

But we’re happy the series is working out and that Hailand found some more lively candidates. Both books start out with each artist waking up in bed and capturing even the most mundane moments of the day (like Shears putting in his contacts, above). The photography is black-and-white until the performers hit the stage, where both they – and the images – come to life in magnificent, vibrant color.

In the Jake Shears book, we even get to see him in the shower, which is just one more thing we can cross off our list. Ditto Rufus Wainwright playing piano in his underwear.

Both Shears and Wainwright narrate their own books, which brings an even greater understanding of their daily lives. Our only complaint is that the Wainwright book is laid out with an Old English font, which is just tortuous. But if you can get past that, it’s stunning in every other way.

The series includes books on Daniel Radcliffe (Mr. Harry Potter, of course) and some guy named Gareth Thomas, who’s famous for something called rugby, which is a sport apparently. We hope the success continues with more books on people we love. We’ll put money down right now for one on Mika, Gaga or Madonna. And if we promise to behave, our schedule’s pretty open for another shoot this Spring.