Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Trunk Show

There are two words we don’t usually like to hear when discussing men: “micro” and “low rise.” But when it comes to underwear, these descriptions are music to our eyes.

We realize that most of the world still thinks “unisex cologne” when they hear the brand CK One, but we’re pleased to discover that it’s also a line of underwear over at Calvin Klein. And one of their latest designs is this super-sexy trunk, available in Black, White or Spear (shown above). Yes, gentlemen and ladies, stare deeply at the Spear. Beautiful, right?

Featuring soft microfiber and contrast stitching, this style is just the right length. So often when it comes to trunks, we feel like one Big Gay Goldilocks. These are too long. These are too short. But these CK One Micro Low-Rise Trunks are juuuuust riiiight.

They hold up well after several washes, which is important to us even though we could go an entire year without wearing the same pair twice. We’re like one big Gay Carrie Bradshaw. Except our closet is stocked aggressive top to power bottom with underwear instead of shoes.

We’re not sure about you, but Calvin Klein was the first designer brand of underwear we ever purchased (mostly because they sold it at T.J. Maxx), but it’s always held a special place in our heart. Just like the first porn magazine we didn’t have to “purchase for a college paper we’re writing on human sexuality.” (Yeah, the Stop-N-Go clerk didn’t buy that excuse, either).

So get ready for Spring with some new trunks that’ll make you feel like one fierce, sexy supermodel. Or one Big Gay RuPaul Charles. Oh wait…