Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You Can Lose Your Mind…

If the average person spends three months of the year sleeping, then surely another two weeks is spent searching for keys. At least that’s how it feels to us. We’re always running late for very important client meetings key parties and we can’t find them anywhere. And nobody has sex with anyone good if they show up to the party on a bicycle. Or scooter. Or God forbid, the City Bus. It’s a proven fact.

Well now, we think we’ve finally found the perfect way to make sure we know where our keys are at all times. It’s the Buckle Up Key Holder from THABTO (Two Heads Are Better Than One), a cool little company over in the U.K. that makes all sorts of jolly good products.

Utilizing an old seat belt buckle and latch (hooray for repurposing!), they’ve created a fool-proof system for keeping track of those wandering keys. Of course, that still means you have to remember to put your keys into the seat belt holder each time you come home, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Mounting is super easy (just like at key parties!) and we’ve even been able to use the latch end to open beer bottles, too! So really, it’s the answer to so many of our daily problems.

Now if only they can figure out what used car part will help us remember where we left our gerbil. A tailpipe, perhaps.

$29.00 (ish)
Price is approximate, based on currency exchange rate with the British Pound
Includes standard shipping
(Buckle Up ships from overseas, so you have to wait about 10 days if you want to avoid crazy FedEx charges.