Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Right On Track

When Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, we considered that recycling. And it’s the first thing we thought of when we tried on our new track suit from Alo (Air, Land, Ocean). Yes, we now own a track suit. But before you poke fun, let us tell you why we love it.

First of all, the designs are indeed sexy (especially on a hunky model like the one above). Besides, we think the term “track suit” has gotten a bad reputation. We assure you, these aren’t the track suits yo mamma wears. They’re designed for genuine exercise, not just mall-walking, Mahjong and competitive complaining.

Secondly, the material is made from 100% polyester made from recycled bottles. It’s more than just eco-friendly, too. The material is soft, supple and actually helps wick away moisture during those high-endurance activities.

Other Alo apparel is made of Bamboo or Organic Cotton. So no matter what your preference, you know you’re doing your part to save the planet while you exercise.

For us, it’s still cold enough to wear track pants and a jacket, but when Spring and Summer roll around, we’re switching over to Alo’s short-sleeve tees and shorts. We’ve actually owned a pair of Alo shorts for a couple years now and we love, love, love them.

Alo offers workout apparel for women and men, with a variety of great colors and styles to please just about anyone. Except maybe our Mom, who’s pretty upset that our track suit doesn’t have bedazzled butterflies on it that play Music Box Dancer when we raise our arms.

Maybe they’ll take that into advisement for their Fall 2011 Collection.

Jackets from $52.00
Pants from $45.00