Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You Like To Watch

Men have so few opportunities to accessorize, so we should really make a statement when we get the chance. After all, what do we have to work with besides shoes, glasses, doll-size hats and the occasional pinkie ring? Women have it so easy when it comes to accessorizing. Just the variety of tights and panty hose are enough to make us cry.

As far as we’re concerned, one of the easiest and most dynamic ways to show off your sense of style is through a kick-ass watch. And we just saw one at a fashion event a couple weeks ago that was the kick-assiest ever. Check out these watches from Mistura.

They’re large and chunky enough for the manliest of men and funky enough for the gayest of us. Women love them, too. (In fact, even thought they’re unisex, they’re marketed almost exclusively to women. But we want them for ourselves).

That’s because Mistura Watches are like modern versions of the classic Swatch. They take one style (or in Mistura’s case, ten) and create multiple versions of that one watch by changing out the colors and materials, creating endless options and vast difference among even watches in the same style category.

Mistura Watches are made of exotic woods and genuine leather. They feature round, square, oval, even diamond-shaped faces – all carefully crafted with a Japanese quartz movement, which are some of the best available. (Sorry, Switzerland.)

So if you think wood is just for pirate legs and sex toys, think again. Mistura Watches are here to teach us that natural can be beautiful and practical. Really, it’s about time.

$180 and up