Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Inside Out

If we wanted to double our wardrobe, it used to mean dating somebody the same size. And preferably a guy with a more expensive clothing allowance. Well now, there’s a new line of clothing that gives us twice the shirt for the money. Plus, no messy breakups and accusations of stealing his “Prada jacket with sentimental value.” Yeah, whatever.

Alkemy has just released its Spring/Summer line called The Change Up. From button-downs to jackets and hoodies, each piece in this line is completely reversible. Think fashion with a split personality. Just like Aunt Dot-Dot after her second bottle of Chablis.

Most of the items sport either a plaid or stripe and the colors on both sides truly complement each other, so you can roll up a sleeve for a little contrast. Or at least know that it’ll match a single pair of slacks, no matter which side you show off.

These shirts are so versatile, we think they’re perfect for travel, too. Save on baggage fees by packing half as much.

Or if you’re the bank-robbing type, walk inside wearing a gray-and-black striped jacket and by the time you reach the getaway car, you can transform it into a solid gray number. All the witnesses will identify your first outfit, so you’ll be home free!

But if they do catch you, at least you’ve already got experience wearing stripes.

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