Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oh, Oh, Oh

Lady Gaga better watch out. There’s a new girl in town being hailed as the “Artist to Watch” for 2011. And we tend to agree. Sure, there’s never going to be another Gaga, but it’s nice that somebody else is poised to get a little attention these days.

Meet Oh Land, the easier-to-spell name for recording artist Nanna Øland Fabricius. We wish we had an Ø in our name, though. So not fair.

Her first album, the self-titled Oh Land debuts today and it’s one of those rare records that is immediately catchy. Luscious harmonies, a little electro-pop and some soaring instrumentals make the whole affair epic, yet gracefully understated.

If you want a little taste before purchasing the full album, her first music video is a great place to check out what this stunning new artist has to offer. Discovered at SXSW, the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin just two years ago, it’s only fitting that her first album is being released today, right as this year’s fest is in full swing.

We doubt if she’ll be wearing a meat dress any time soon, but we expect to see a whole lot more of Oh Land in the coming months. And Sun of a Gun if we don’t love that thought.

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