Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Earth Rover

There are the cutest stores in Los Angeles for your pets called Tailwaggers. They offer grooming, helpful advice and the widest variety of essential items for your hairy little friend. And no, this time we mean your dog.

But they’ve also got a great online store, featuring everything from eco-friendly beds to organic, all-natural food. If it’s good for the earth, good for your pet and good for your wallet, they’ve got it. This place is fab, whether you’re shopping in-person or online.

They’ve even got great must-have items like doggie car seats, animal stairs so that your aging furry companions can get up in your bed with you and the cutest little dog clothes you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

Plus, if you’ve got an older pet, they have one of our personal favorites, the Comfy Cone, a soft alternative to those ugly Elizabethan collars your pets are subjected to after surgery. They’re just like the ones Elizabeth Taylor is wearing in the hospital right now. Or so we hear; we’re not ones to spread rumors.

So if you love your pet, and not in a creepy squeal-like-a-pig Deliverance way, there’s no better online store for everything you need to keep her happy, healthy and tail-wagging for her entire life.

You’ll look like the best Doggie Papa or Kitty Mama there is. And no matter how weird it may be to some people that you fawn all over your dog or cat, it’s still not half as crazy as dressing up a six-year-old in false teeth and wigs for a beauty pageant. That’s just wrong on 327 different levels.


In L.A., visit them in person at 1929 North Bronson Avenue (Hollywood) or 801 North Fairfax Avenue (Los Angeles).